"When Coan arrived there the church at Hilo, under David Lyman, had about twenty members. Coan set himself the punishing task of talking to every native in the parish, between fifteen and sixteen thousand people spread over a belt of difficult country a hundred miles long. At first Coan found the Hawaiians

...hard as a nether millstone.

By the middle of 1837 he had about eighty converts, and he was impatient for more.

This people are . . . dead . . . but God can raise them. Is it not "time for Him to work?"

In the fall he noticed a slight stirring at the village of Hilo itself. He wrote to Levi Chamberlain at Honolulu.

State of things interesting here . . . Sinners anxious. The Word has Power. Pray for us.

Gavan Daws
Shoal of Time, A History of the Hawaiian People