Ikua Purdy Email

...married Kuku Keone, John Kawananakoa Lindsey (Keone Liilii) he was small. They had three children, two girls and one boy. The boy is your great grandfather, John Kuakini Lindsey.

Purple Paniolo

Then came the scandal. Two brothers (Kuku Keone and his brother James) living side by side, swapped wives. Uncle Jim's wife (Eliza Purdy - cousin to Grace Keohu) married Kuku Keone, and Grace Keohu married Uncle Jim. When Kuku Keone married Kuku Laika, he got busy and had about ten more kids. (Aunty T_____ -- L______'s mom is half sister to grandpa Kuakini). Interesting thing is that the family talk about it but it is no big thing, as everyone accepts each other as family.

Going to back to Ikua, with all of this fame, I never heard a single thing about him growing up. During the 70s the Cazimero Brothers sand a song called Waiomina(song about Ikua). That is when I learned about him. I think the reason for this lack of fame in Waimea is that Ikua would later leave Parker Ranch and move to Maui to work for the Ulupalakua Ranch.

As for your great, great grandfather Keone liilii, he was a steady, trustworthy, competent, loyal leader person.

I have in the past and present, tried to emulate those qualities.

Grandpa Kuakini was a simple, trustworthy, loyal person, but did not inherit the leadership qualities that his father had.

Me Kealoha Pumehana