John Adams Kiʻiapalaoku Kuakini

![alt](/content/images/2016/02/John_Adams_Kuakini.png) "More than one Hawaiian chief, wishing to assume a foreign name, sought advice in the choice. Some say that a resemblance to John Adams was noticed in Kuakini. Whether or not this was the case, the distinguished chief was pleased »

A. The Half Caste

As the story goes, my paternal great grandfather changed his surname from a single-syllable Cantonese name to a five-syllable riff on his Hawaiian mother's maiden name. He had been bullied by the Chinese for being a halfie, or so the story goes. My name is an invention: I've gotten used »

Dead Kealamakia Found On Kawaiahao Street

Kuokoa May 23, 1913 MARRIAGES. Stephen L. Desha to Miss Julia Keonaona, May 17. Kepano Lono to Kaaona, May 18. BIRTHS. To Waldemar Muller and Irene McCarty, a son, May 12. To G. B. Cameron and Lily Lenon, a son, May 13. To Mr. and Mrs. William Leleo, a daughter, »